Delays in Brisbane / Update Jan 15th

Volumes through Brisbane terminals has increased dramatically since last week and transport now using 50% of the fleet just removing containers out of DP World.

Empty parks are experiencing major delays; some in excess of 3 hours just to de hire or collect one export container.

DPW have advised that due to the volume increase they have received from Hutchinson terminal and as well as massive increase of vessels arriving this week, their modules just aren’t coping with the work load, this is then causing for the modules to fail and clearly not able to move the amount of volume within the programmed timeframe.

Please know that these delays are not created from CTS PTY or transport but are due to the Ports and container parks not being able to cope with current volumes.

Fleet has actually increased, however half of the fleet is parked at empty parks avoiding container detention and also parked at the Ports collecting containers to avoid storage, this in turn is affecting the availability of equipment to service actual deliveries.