Australian Customs & Quarantine Advice

Getting goods into the country is often essential if you’re running a successful business, but the process can be a particularly tricky one to negotiate if you don’t have the requisite knowledge and experience with Australian customs and quarantine. Luckily, CTS has the experience in this area to ensure that the process goes off without any setbacks.

Maybe you have tight deadlines to meet? Perhaps you’re importing perishable goods? Either way, time is likely of the essence, and every second your cargo is delayed in Australian quarantine is essentially money that you’re losing. Depending on what type of goods you’re bringing into the country, there are various different regulations and legislation concerning how your cargo will be treated. It’s easy to make a mistake if you’re unaware of Australian customs regulations, which could potentially land you in trouble with the authorities; or at the very least lead to unhappy clients and customers due to delays.

Thankfully for you, CTS are the Australian quarantine experts. Our knowledgeable team have years of experience dealing with these matters, and constantly keep up to date with the relevant Australian customs and quarantine regulations to ensure that you won’t come up against any roadblocks when importing your cargo, or run into any legal issues. We know running a business takes up a lot of your time and energy, so why not leave the finer details to the experts at CTS? We’ll take the time to make sure everything runs smoothly; allowing you to relax and focus on other things. Get a quote now to see what we can do for you.