Custom Brokerage

CTS can take care of all that is needed to get your goods through customs, while you concentrate on what is important – your business.


Does your company regularly conduct business overseas? You’re probably familiar with the maze of regulations that can complicate the process. These rules and standards vary significantly between nations, often leading to confusion and causing unintentional but potentially costly compliance mistakes.

An experienced, knowledgeable customs broker can help you avoid these pitfalls and cut through the bureaucratic red tape. CTS is a full-service customs brokerage provider you can trust when doing business in Australia and internationally.


Don’t be left waiting for your precious goods when it comes time to fulfil your end of the deal, allow the experts at CTS Australia to make the process an easy one.

For an efficient freight delivery solution, on time and on budget, call CTS Australia now or get in touch with us online.


Allow the experts at CTS Australia to make the process an easy one.

Knowledge of the complex regulations associated with customs clearance and quarantine procedures, is something that can take a long time to acquire. This knowledge is at the center of operations at CTS.

If you’re unfamiliar with these procedures, attempting to import goods into Australia can be a tricky undertaking that will drain your time and can also result in hefty non compliance fines. Lengthy delays due to customs enquiries are time consuming to rectify. CTS does take care of all the paperwork needed to clear your goods through customs. Engaging CTS to fulfil your importing needs means peace of mind whilst your freight is in transit.

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“As a Fast Fashion supplier we rely heavily on receiving all of our shipments with absolute speed and minimal delays. Our timelines are tight. Every day, every hour and every minute is important to us to make sure we deliver on time every time. Customs Trade Solutions offer a fantastic, reliable and expedited service allowing us to fulfil scheduled deliveries. Whether its sea or air freight we know that CTS have us covered! Their great efficient service ensures that the freight is always cleared and Ready to go at the first availability. We would consider them to be a major asset to our network allowing us to be the best we can be. Along with all of the above, we have always felt that we were a priority as a customer and with this, comes the feeling of security and confidence That all our necessary requests will be met!”
Melinda Nisbet, Six Degrees Fashion