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CTS delivers efficient logistics solutions for our clients and their supply chains. We have built long-standing relationships with our clients. Working together, we develop customized solutions to suit your individual needs and create a long-term two-way partnership.

Our Forwarding experts will get your goods moving

As an organization we are keen to understand what makes our customers successful and our ambition lies in optimizing the logistics process for clients large and small.

CTS supports our customers, across all industry sectors and size by allocating a skilled client account manager that understands and meets your specific needs.

Services that we provide


The most economical mode of
transport for your goods

Around 90% of global freight traffic is transported across the world’s oceans and sea freight is the most economical mode of international transport.
Our CTS controlled sea freight transports are ideal if your shipment must be delivered quickly and cost-effectively.


The fastest mode of transport for your goods

Precision machinery or spare parts, medical technology or foodstuffs and garments are examples of products that must reach their destinations worldwide by the fastest means possible. For this purpose, air freight is available.
CTS can offer you comprehensive services in air freight, that will meet to your individual needs. We select the best solution.


The most economical mode of
transport for your goods

Road transport is often the last step in the supply chain before distribution.

CTS can provide a wide spectrum of Container, Courier, and Express services for local same day deliveries. We can also arrange Interstate transport.


The fastest mode of transport for your goods

Whether in Australia, Asia, Europe, or the USA, we will work with you to develop the optimum solution for your supply chain. We advise and consult on warehousing solutions at home and abroad.

CTS in Sydney is now also offering third party logistics services at our new warehousing facility. The services includes storage, pick and pack, order fulfillment and delivery.

Customs Brokerage

The most economical mode of
transport for your goods

Most companies don’t have time to deal with complex customs legislation. With a team of brokers that have more than 25 years of customs experience you are in safe hands with CTS. We are providing efficient and affordable customs clearance services for your Air Freight and Sea freight shipments in Australia and globally.

Track & Trace

The fastest mode of transport for your goods

We offer our clients real time visibility on demand, and in 2021 teamed up with Logixboard offering our customers real-time shipment tracking, invoicing, analytics and more within a modern, user friendly interface that integrates quickly and seamlessly with your needs.

Global reach

CTS have established trusted partnerships in different parts of the world. These partnerships have been formed over years to allow our clientele to expand their products and a wide range of delivery and distribution solutions around the globe.

CTS having a strong global network of partners is beneficial for companies looking to expand their operations internationally and to establish a foothold in new markets. By working with trusted partners who have local knowledge and expertise, we can more effectively navigate the complexities of doing business in different parts of the world for our clients.

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“As a Fast Fashion supplier we rely heavily on receiving all of our shipments with absolute speed and minimal delays. Our timelines are tight. Every day, every hour and every minute is important to us to make sure we deliver on time every time. Customs Trade Solutions offer a fantastic, reliable and expedited service allowing us to fulfil scheduled deliveries. Whether its sea or air freight we know that CTS have us covered! Their great efficient service ensures that the freight is always cleared and Ready to go at the first availability. We would consider them to be a major asset to our network allowing us to be the best we can be. Along with all of the above, we have always felt that we were a priority as a customer and with this, comes the feeling of security and confidence That all our necessary requests will be met!”
Melinda Nisbet, Six Degrees Fashion