Dear Clients,

ALL CTS offices will close for the following periods:

Tuesday 24th December – Closed from 1:00 pm

Wednesday 25th December – Closed

Thursday 26th December – Closed

Tuesday 31st December – Closed from 1:00 pm

Wednesday 1st January – Closed

Please be aware when arranging your shipments that CTS will not be operating during these times. If your office is closed during the Christmas period and you have cargo coming in please talk to your CTS representatives about receival arrangements to avoid storage charges.


The Department of Agriculture has announced revised biosecurity charges for Sea and Air freight from 1 January, 2020, in an effort to help manage the risk of pest and disease incursions posed by goods and vessels entering Australia.

The revised cost recovery fees and charges:

Full Import Declaration charge—air was $33, will be increased to $38.

Full Import Declaration charge—sea was $42, will be increased to $49.

The Australian Logistics Council said the announcement represented another failure by the Department of Agriculture to consult with Industry. So it is baffling to see that less than two weeks prior to Christmas, that same Department drops an announcement that biosecurity charges on air and sea cargo will increase by around 15% from 1 January 2020, with no consultation or forewarning to industry.

This is not the type of Christmas surprise any business wants or needs.”

“Despite “key stakeholders” having raised concerns about the impact of increasing port charges in NSW and Victoria that have potential to drive up the cost of everyday goods, as well as impacting the state’s economy and competitiveness of our imports and exports prices for Infrastructure Levies and empty Container returns are going up as of January 2020

The Minister has referred the matter of rapid price increases to the NSW Productivity Commissioner to investigate the impact on the supply chain.

Customers are therefore advised that Terminal Operators Infrastructure Levies (or also called Access Fee) will be forwarded to the importer as of January 2020 as follows:

Again, the wharf transport industry and therefore importers and exporters are having significant costs forced upon them with no ability to negotiate the magnitude, timing or payment terms.

If you have any concerns on specific shipments, please speak to your key account contact at CTS.

On this occasion please allow the Team at CTS to thank you for your continuous support and we wish you a pleasant festive season ahead and best of health for 2020.

Kind regards,

Your Team at CTS Pty Ltd

Infrastructure Levies Import / Export Empty Container De hire
20′ GP 40′ GP 40′ HQ 20′ GP 40′ GP 40′ HQ
Sydney $ 110.00 $ 110.00 $ 110.00 $ 85.00 $ 85.00 $ 85.00
Melbourne $ 115.00 $ 115.00 $ 115.00 $ 85.00 $ 85.00 $ 85.00
Brisbane $ 130.00 $ 130.00 $ 130.00 $ 85.00 $ 85.00 $ 85.00
Adelaide $ 110.00 $ 110.00 $ 110.00 $ 65.00 $ 65.00 $ 65.00
Fremantle $ 110.00 $ 110.00 $ 110.00 $ 65.00 $ 65.00 $ 65.00