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Welcome to CTS Australia, the international freight forwarding experts. We know running a business can be hard work, especially if you’re trying to fulfill the delivery of goods on your own. International deliveries can be even more of a headache and an expense, what with ports, paperwork, and correspondence with customs officials to deal with. Trying to run your everyday money-making activities can become laborious; as well as a drain on your precious time and money. That’s why we’re here to help.

For a business to try to fulfil the delivery of their goods on their own, it can turn into an expensive exercise, especially when dealing with ports, paperwork and correspondence with customs officials. Trying to run your everyday money-making activities becomes laborious and draining on precious time and money.

CTS Australia Pty Ltd are international freight forwarders who offer a full range of shipping solutions to Australian businesses. As specialists in quarantine and customs procedures, CTS can take care of the import of cargo into all major Australian air and sea ports on your behalf.


CTS ensures that cargo gets to you or your customers without hassle. From start to finish – customs clearance to delivery – CTS knows the intricacies of working with Australian Customs and has a network of the most reputable freight carriers in Australia to get your goods where they need to be. At the other end, you need to know that your goods are being exported smoothly without any delays at the destination country. CTS also knows the procedures at the world’s major ports and their respective customs checkpoints.

Air Freight Forwarding

When freight arrives at the airport, it’s only the beginning. CTS helps it to its final destination on time.

Sea Freight Forwarding

From wharf to warehouse to client, CTS makes customs clearance and distribution a fast process for timely delivery.

Customs Brokerage

While your business continues on, CTS use their customs clearance expertise to get your goods into Australia and distributed quickly.

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As a link between shippers, Australian Customs and your client, CTS are the premier solution-driven international freight forwarders, with an approach that treats every customer as unique in their needs as they are in their own business offering. Far from being just as simple as getting your stock from port to trailer, CTS have strong partnerships with the most trustworthy and efficientwarehousing solutions companies in every metropolitan area and regional centre.
With every step in the shipping process, CTS have you covered, ship to shore, door to door.


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